In Progress: Bombshell Dress

6 Feb

I am absolutely loving my Craftsy class. I decided to venture in after months of lurking and pinning, and I’m really glad that I did. I signed up for Gertie’s Sew Retro: Bombshell Dress class, and I have to say, I’m learning so much. I’m drunk only on the bodice muslin, but I’ve already picked up a couple new skills that I can’t believe I’ve lived without for so long.

First up: using a tracing wheel and dressmakers carbon for pattern marking. I really don’t understand why I’ve never done this. I honestly am starting to believe that I am a lazy bastard. 2014: the year of anti-laziness. Right? Sure. This new way of making my patterns has also led the way to my second newfound skill:

Thread tracing. I fucking love thread tracing, and I will do it forever and ever from now on.


It’s a little tedious, but it’s a great way to mark my seam lines. It makes it a lot easier to match up seams for pinning and stitching.


I’m used to only doing princess-seamed bodies, so the intricacy of this one is new and exciting. I’ve been wanting to make a bustier-styled top for a while, and I’m glad this is ny first one. I think it’s turning out great.


So here is my completed muslin bodice. I may our may not have squealed in delight when I saw how matched the cup seams were with the lower bodice pieces. I couldn’t wait to try it on. To be honest, I was actually pretty nervous. I didn’t want to ruin my excitement over all of my hard work, by trying on an ill-fitting bodice. But! I had to do it anyway, so I sucked it up and did.


It fit almost perfectly! Definitely the best luck I’ve had on a first run muslin. There are only a couple things I needed to adjust, (taking in the seam under my right cup about 1/8th of an inch, and lengthening the bodice by about half an inch.) Which I did, and will be translated to the planning of my fashion fabric pattern placement.

Which I’ve picked out!


I’ve had this beautiful, teal-based, brightly colored leaf fabric in my stash for a while. There was a sale at my local fabric store, and it was calling my name. So, with no plan in mind, I bought three yards. Why? Because I’m nuts. I went to JoAnn’s looking for a lining fabric, and I found this close matching teal special occasion fabric. I know, it wasn’t recommended, but I couldn’t help myself, and this whole project was about trying new things.


Ok, ok, I swear I’m back this time

29 Jan

I’ll start off by saying this:

Sorry I’m not sorry.

Life gets busy and in the way, especially when your life is [mostly] retail-centered. This was my second holiday season working at the spice shop, and I still love it. Mall/clothing retail is for the fucking birds, and I will never, ever, ever do that again. Ever.

Working for a small local business has some serious benefits. Especially during Christmas. Too many to name, so I’ll just say family. I got to spend a lot of time with them, doing super Christmasy things, eating an insane amount of food, and just hanging out.

The only thing that I missed this holiday season was sewing. Because we are a small business, we have a small staff, meaning I spent more time there, and less time at home, which meant less time near my sweet baby Eve. (My sewing machine).

Things are slow now, so I’ve finally dusted her off, (literally. I gave her a super duper deep clean), organized my fabrics in a new cube storage unit, and got myself a few new essentials to up my sewing game this year.

Figured I’d update to get the blogging ball re-rolling, more on things later. I’ve signed up and have been enjoying my first Craftsy class!

This post just turned into a bunch of words, and no pictures, so here’s some puppies that I get to hang out with every day.





Worsted Wednesday

24 Sep

Football season is here, and I couldn’t be happier. My favorite sport, coinciding with my favorite season, which brings my favorite food, along with my favorite smells.

But, circling back to football, this also means a lot – I mean a LOT of couch time. So I’ve decided instead of spending my Sundays eating fried foods and getting drunk, I’ll take up teaching myself how to knit. Football is on tv of course. Thank you to the amazingness and convenience that is the interwebz.

I didn’t know where to start, other than YouTube videos of course. Then I remembered that I pass a place every single fucking day of my life heading to work. It’s called The Black Sheep.
It’s suuuuuper cute on the inside, and everyone that works there is so nice and easy to talk to. The woman to help me was great, and very informative. She clued me in on needle sizes and types, how to read a yarn label, the different types of yarn, and which goes best with what project and pattern. She also mentioned that they have classes, which could be fun. But for now, I’m all about the YouTube.
I have no use for scarves, or even tea cozies for that matter. So I decided I would just dive right in; I walked in with a slouchy beanie that I already owned and said “this is what I wanna learn, set me up.” And she definitely did.

The store was so beautiful. There were so many options, (which is my downfall. So many projects, so little time). It was hard to choose!
But I finally did. I settled on this dark turquoise worsted weight skein, and I love it. The color will look so vibrant as a hat against my black hair this winter. She also sent be home with a book, and size 8 circular needles.
So far, the book has sucked. I’m sure it’s a great book for most people, but there’s just something about reading 2D picture instructions that I just can’t get. I’m definitely a hands-on learner. (Aaaand that’s what she said)

I feel like this hat idea is a perfectly rounded starter project. It’s got casting on (duh), 2×2 rib knitting, and a couple other things that I haven’t gotten to yet.
Break time at work is now the best time. I really can’t wait for it to cool down, this Florida heat kills me every year. Ugh go home Florida, you’re drunk and sweaty.

Beautiful Blue Belladone.

19 Sep

I’ve finished my first dress! It was new. It was fun. It was exciting.

I wanted to set my machine on fire. Like, three times. I found this meme that ALMOST describes it, minus the threading, but add in invisible arm hole bias tape.


But I did it! And it’s beautiful. For my first dress, I think I did a pretty damn good job. However, you will not be getting any close ups of my work, even though I wrestled the fuck out of the arm holes and they actually came out great.

I love the learning process. I absolutely do. I love trying new things, getting my hands on something and diving right in. Learning is a passion. Most importantly, the learning process of dressmaking has led me to the great, yet devastating, realization that even though I may feel like a dress pattern is the most incredible and beautiful pattern I’ve ever seen, it may not work for my body type.

So in other words, my mom got a new dress for work!


Isn’t she beautiful? Duh. Anyway, this is my Belladone dress from Deer and Doe. It took longer than anticipated because life.


Higher necklines don’t usually do it for me, and I usually need a whole sleeve or absolutely no sleeve. But this style is perfect for her.


I love the skirt, and the hidden pockets. The bodice darts were a lot of fun, and I love the way they make everything look so clean and tailored.


The back is super cute, too. I ended up cutting out the largest size because that’s where by measurements fell. HOWEVER, I CAN TOTALLY DOWNSIZE, and I think I will. I might try it again for myself, but maybe drop the neckline down, or somehow V it a little.

Overall, it was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to advance further into the fun and semi frustrating world of dressmaking.

Here is one more of my mom being really fucking adorable.


Freak out Friday

13 Sep

Ok. So. Maybe (possibly, definitely) starting a blog right at the very beginning of new work and scheduling transitions was not the best idea ever.

Tonight I am absolutely shutting myself off from everyone, to organize myself. Ok ok fine…AND ban myself from using the newly acquired Netflix we just got in the house.

TONIGHT, I DINE… at home, I dine at home, so I can get this fucking blog shit up and running for realsies, because though I don’t have anyone that looks at this, I promised myself I would.

Ok ~*lAtErZ*~

Tackle that shit Tuesday

20 Aug

I usually try to finish a project before moving on to the next. Usually. Key word. There is something about that feeling, the feeling of accomplishment, that I just can’t get enough of. It’s almost insatiable.

HOWEVER! There are exceptions! Liiiiike having a fantastic mail day and receiving the beautiful and inspiring Belladone dress pattern from Deer and Doe!
Now, when I purchased the pattern from Fancy Tiger Crafts originally, I had intended it’s use to be for a completely different fabric. Once again, things change.
I found this beautiful navy and white fabric at Joann’s, 70 fucking percent off, so I absolutely could not pass it up. It’s not normally my style, but this blog is all about trying new things.

Sick sickly

16 Aug

Between pre-washing a ton of new fabric, relocating my sewing space, work, semi fevers, and tickling throats, I’ve not been able to write. Great way to start a new blog, dontcha think?

Of course it is. This is exactly how I wanted to do it.

Tomorrow, a proper post, with proper shit, and lots of pictures! Because I’m obsessed with the camera on my new phone.